Personal Bio

A near fatal fall of 45 ft off a steel beam left Jonathan Taylor virtually immobilized for many months. During this traumatic time a childhood fascination with art was rekindled. While excruciating rehabilitation took its physical toll, creating artwork became a daily welcomed escape from reality. On one occasion a family member said, “Your works amazing, you should become a professional artist”. To be quite honest, Jonathan had never given much thought to a career in art, it just didn't seem like a lucrative endeavor. However, the seed was planted and at age 26 he began to entertain the notion of taking a few art courses.

In 1996 Jonathan began his formal art training at Pensacola Christian College. He studied under master illustrator Brian Jekel, most known for over 1,000 biblical illustrations for A Beka Book publications and Dayspring's nationally recognized Master Piece calendar collection. Brian's passion, philosophy, and dedication to excellence in the field of illustration and fine art inspired Jonathan to pursue a career as an illustrator. He completed a B.A. and M.A. in commercial art from Pensacola Christian College.